Our sustainable ethos ensures all of our activities are carried out with careful consideration of the impact that we may have on the environment.  For thousands of years, wood has been used as a building material, and has huge environmental benefits over other building products. It is completely biodegradable, works as an effective insulator, and is 100 percent renewable.  While we cannot completely eliminate our ecological footprint, working with reclaimed wood and sustainably harvested lumber helps minimize our impact. 

Sustainable harvest practices are those which take into consideration regeneration and the long-term well-being of the forest. In a sustainable harvest either the best trees will be left standing until a new forest of younger, healthy trees begins to grow underneath it, or everything will be removed so there is no vegetation left to compete with the young sprouts and seedlings.

Reclaiming old wood, especially old-growth tropical hardwoods, helps offset the demand for new lumber. The use of reclaimed wood helps preserve the world's remaining forests and also helps divert millions of tons of wood from the world’s waste streams, landfills and burn piles.  The environmental advantages of reclaimed wood, combined with the structural and aesthetic advantages, make it a unique and precious resource. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving this resource.