New Antiquity was created by Sarah Bader and Matt Rink, artist/builders marrying their love of art and the home. What began as an exciting collaboration, building furniture for their apartment and wedding, swiftly grew into a full time business.

We offer one-of-a-kind pieces made with locally salvaged reclaimed wood and sustainably harvested lumber, handmade in our workshop in Connecticut. All our creations are built and designed with clever details and fine craftsmanship that is both practical and whimsical.  From conceptual sketches to the finished piece, our skilled team is fluent across a range of aesthetic vernaculars, from classic to contemporary to eclectic, approaching each project with a sensibility toward form and function.

We specialize in bespoke furniture as well as custom built-ins and renovation work for residential and commercial projects. Our shop boasts a full array of woodworking and metal fabrication equipment allowing us an unlimited range of aesthetic possibility. We offer custom design services, art direction, interior styling, and on site work for projects for the entire Eastern Seaboard. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Enjoy!

What is it about the intrinsic experience of an antique that captivates the mind and soul?  Whether perusing a local antique store or flea market, the feeling is the same when you come across a piece that pulls at your heart strings, you are awed by the materials and craftsmanship, the beauty, the imperfections, the tiny nicks and cracks, which only add to the character and history. You wonder who might have held it, used it, loved it, tossed it aside.  Little windows into a time and place that has come and gone.  Something that was painstakingly produced by hand, which supported everyday life.

With this spirit and sense of wonder, Matt and Sarah embark on a journey of creativity and discovery. Longing to create new antiques, pieces that are influenced by their love of old, of discovery, and artistry. Pieces that are at once timeless because of their functionality, design, and material composition.  Although there are no permanent things in the world, there are things that will surely last for a very long, long time. Through their strength and dedication, Matt and Sarah strive to create products that reflect such a lifestyle.