Your company’s signage is an integral part of your marketing plan.
With the goal of grabbing customers’ attention, informing them of your services and inspiring to take action – all within a few seconds – investing in a high-quality solution is the ideal way to create the perfect first impression for your new potential clients/customers. With a keen attention to detail, an artistic background and a high level of craftsmanship, the team at New Antiquities is here to design and execute a unique, alluring sign that truly speaks for your business – before visitors even step in the door.


Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Though many of us may not even notice, signs are typically dispersed throughout nearly all commercial buildings. Firstly, outdoor signage, indicating the name of your business, then perhaps business hours, directions such as where to park, and any other custom messages are the next signs most customers see. Outdoor signage may also require some electrical lighting so customers can see the message at night. Inside you may have a wall menu, a welcome sign, indicators where to find the bathroom, or even signs used as decorative elements within your business. Both indoor and outdoor signs come in a huge selection of styles, materials and colors. Three-dimensional letters, hanging signs, panels, window lettering and more – these are all common types of signage we can create for you.

Step Outside the Box

We want to make your business stand out. This means stepping outside the cookie-cutter mold and delivering something dynamic, classy and eye-catching signage for your business. An original outdoor design is the ideal way to separate you from your competitors and will be a way to promote brand image.

Through a seamless partnership of designers and builders, we’re able to deliver unwavering quality and artistry on each and every project we complete – no matter how big or small. With our background in artistry, we can also help you to design signage that is beautiful and functional, bringing a true uniqueness to your business. Each project is completed in our shop, which boasts a wide variety of woodwork and metal fabrication equipment – creating virtually endless opportunities for your project.



Matt, Sarah, and the rest of the team at New Antiquity are excited to hear about your signage project. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more information about our complete custom services.