Do you love the customized details that make a home completely unique?
Beautiful crown molding, a stunning winding spiral staircase, intricate trim running along the ceiling – these are all possibilities with our complete custom millwork services. Though not always the first thing visitors may notice, hand-crafted millwork is an ideal way to add unique charm to any renovation project.


What is Millwork, Exactly?

If you’ve ever undertaken a renovation project, you may have heard the contractor use the phrase “millwork”. Often, however, many home and business owners aren’t sure what exactly this entails. By definition, millwork is any type of woodwork produced inside a mill – such as molding, trim, flooring, paneling, crown molding and more. This may also include decorative pieces such as door casings, fireplace mantels or windowsills, for example. Any type of wood material can be used here, and the finished project typically requires just nails, screws or adhesives to be installed.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Millwork is a traditional home renovation process, that boosts the custom design aesthetic often found in older homes. Typically, millwork was done only by skilled craftsman – a tradition that continues today with our team at New Antiquities. It’s now possible to also add other elements to enhance the durability, beauty and strength of the individual pieces.ed piece.


Complete Design Build

Whether you’re looking for a complete custom staircase or a simple set of bathroom cabinets, we can design and build exactly to your specifications and budget. Fabrication takes place in our shop located in Bethel, CT, where we have a wide selection of tools and equipment for virtually any project that comes our way. We’ll work closely with you to bring a dream piece to life, taking careful consideration of materials (including sustainable sourcing) and attention to detail.


Matt, Sarah, and the rest of the team at New Antiquity are excited to hear about your millwork project. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more information about our complete custom services.