We specialize in bespoke furniture for residential and commercial projects.
We offer one-of-a-kind pieces made with locally salvaged reclaimed wood and sustainably harvested lumber, handmade in our workshop in Connecticut. All our creations are built and designed with clever details and fine craftsmanship that is both practical and whimsical. From conceptual sketches to the finished piece, our skilled team is fluent across a range of aesthetic vernaculars, from classic to contemporary to eclectic, approaching each project with a sensibility toward form and function.



Can you imagine going to sleep each night in a beautiful, hand-crafted custom made bed? Choose between a number of artistic styles, woods and stains, built with care and built to last. We promise you'll never sleep better!

New Antiquity Patterns


Choose from a wide variety of patterns, stains and styles. Custom cabinets are extremely versatile - able to be placed in almost any room and store a wide variety of items in a beautiful way. Add elements such as repurposed metal handles and knobs, a huge selection of drawer and door options. Each cabinet is custom made with quality and artistry, tailored exactly to your styles and needs.

New Antiquity Patterns


A beautiful chest of drawers is a piece of furniture you can be sure to pass down through the generations. Customize your dresser options to be completely tailored to your needs, whether you plan to store clothing in a bedroom, or place it as a centerpiece in the living room. Each piece is handcrafted with care, durable enough for everyday use.

New Antiquity Patterns


Add a unique touch to your home or business with our handmade wooden panels. Each is crafted with care, choose from a wide variety of patterns as well as various customized designs. This also includes complete wall paneling.

New Antiquity Patterns

Seating & Benches

Sit easy with a customized chair, bench or booth. These are the perfect addition to your dining room table, a rustic kitchen design, a cozy cafe and much more! Completely customized to your project needs.

New Antiquity Patterns


Choose from a wide selection of stains and patterns, but let us customize your new table exactly to your size requirements. This may be a dining room table to make memories around, a night stand for beside the bed, a side table for the living room and much more! Both indoors and out.

New Antiquity Patterns


Matt, Sarah, and the rest of the team at New Antiquity are excited to hear about your next furniture project. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more information about our complete custom services.