Handcrafted pieces built with quality and care are meant to give customers a better idea about your business and the level of product or service you plan to provide them with. At New Antiquities, we take immense pride in working with businesses – both near and far – on a wide variety of commercial projects. Our shop boasts a wide array of woodworking and metal fabrication equipment, which allows us a virtually unlimited range of aesthetic possibilities.

This includes custom furniture such as office desks or seating, built-in pieces such as restaurant booths, wine racks or shelving, indoor and outdoor signage, as well as renovation and more permanent solutions such as crown molding, flooring, cabinetry and more. In addition, we can also create custom decorative elements for your commercial space – creating the ideal environment to promote growth within your business.


Custom Woodwork

Custom commercial woodwork adds timeless elegance and rustic beauty to your business. We’re well adept in working with a wide variety of high quality materials such as birch, poplar, teak, oak and more – and promise never to use melamine, particle board, or any other low-quality material in our work. Staining and dynamic craftsmanship add a custom touch to your piece, allowing you to create a commercial atmosphere customized to your company. We aim to work predominantly with reclaimed wood and sustainably-harvested lumber to minimize our ecological footprint. 

Metal Work

Do you love the idea of a custom metal wine rack in your restaurant? How about a set of stunning doors to add dynamic durability to your design? We’ll walk you through each step of the process, whether you’ve got a specific vision or want to give us the reigns to design and fabricate a totally custom piece. This includes fabrication in our shop as well as installation. Common metals for both architectural and ornamental projects include steel & stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper.



Add dimension and beauty to your business with our complete custom millwork services. Perhaps you’re looking for classic crown molding to add timeless elegance to your space? Or maybe custom wood paneling to warm up a cozy café? Though not always the first element visitors may notice, hand-crafted millwork is an ideal way to add unique charm to any commercial project. We’re able to design and build a huge selection of millwork projects – with sustainable sourced materials.


Dynamic, inviting signage is an integral part of your marketing plan, intended to give potential customers a great first impression within a few seconds glance. We’re proud to be the craftsman behind both indoor and outdoor signage for hard working businesses – both near and far. Both indoor and outdoor signs come in a huge selection of styles, materials and colors. Three-dimensional letters, hanging signs, panels, window lettering and more – these are all common types of signage we can create.




Matt, Sarah, and the rest of the team at New Antiquity are excited to hear about your commercial project.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more information about our complete custom services.