bespoke fixtures, furnishings, & millwork for all spaces



Handcrafted pieces built with quality and care are meant to give customers a better idea about your business and the level of product or service you plan to provide them with. At New Antiquities, we take immense pride in working with businesses – both near and far – on a wide variety of commercial projects.



New Antiquities blossomed from co-founders Sarah Bader and Matt Rink building furniture for their own apartment. We ensure the same level of dedication, craftsmanship and attention to detail put into pieces built for our own home for each and every residential project undertaken today.



We design and build all types of furniture - cabinets, dressers, beds, tables, benches and more - exactly to your specifications and budget. Fabrication takes place in our shop located in Bethel, CT, where we have a wide selection of tools and equipment for virtually any project that comes our way.

What is it about the intrinsic experience of an antique that captivates the mind and soul?

Whether perusing a local antique store or flea market, the feeling is the same when you come across a piece that pulls at your heart strings. You are awed by the materials and craftsmanship, the beauty, the tiny nicks and cracks, which only add to the character and history. You wonder who might have held it, used it, loved it, tossed it aside. 

With this spirit and sense of wonder, Matt and Sarah embark on a journey of creativity and discovery.

Longing to create new antiques, pieces that are influenced by their love of old and artistry. Pieces that are at once timeless because of their functionality, design, and material composition. Although there are no permanent things in the world, there are things that will surely last for a very long, long time. Through their strength and dedication, Matt and Sarah strive to create products that reflect such a lifestyle.


Our holistic, utilitarian mindset is the premise upon which we at New Antiquity execute our work. The foundation for this all-encompassing approach is the fully integrated suite of services which span from concept to construction. We offer full design services for entire builds & interiors, down to individual, one-of-kind pieces.

Brought to life through a partnership of designers, craftsmen, and builders, the finished product delivers on all its promise, reflecting our company's unwavering focus on quality and artistry. Our shop boasts a full array of woodworking and metal fabrication equipment for an unlimited range of aesthetic possibility. Our projects, however compact or expansive in scale, reflect a passion and proficiency in craftsmanship and design.


We're excited to hear your project idea !